Wanneroo BasketBall Association

Senior Domestic Competition

The WBA Senior Domestic Competition (SDC) is played all year round except for the week off between seasons and public holidays. The competition consists of three seasons, Summer, Winter, and Spring. The Summer season runs from January – April, the Winter season runs from May – August, and the Spring season runs from September – December.

The Senior Domestic Competition accepts whole team nominations only. All team nominations are done through PlayHQ, via a link provided to existing teams or the nominations page on the website. 

The current team nomination fee is $250.

All player registrations are done through PlayHQ, via a unique link provided to the team contact at the conclusion of nominating the team. To participate in the Senior Domestic Competition, a player must have turned fifteen (15) years of age by January 1st of the year in which the competition commences, unless a signed Indemnity Form has been submitted to the WBA for approval.

Players registering for the SDC will pay the following fee during registration:

  • BWA fee: This fee is set by Basketball WA. All members playing competition basketball in Western Australia are required to pay this fee. It is valid for 12 months and makes the member an active and financial playing member with BWA and ensures they are covered by the insurance provided to players.

Fill in players are permitted on the night for regular season games and are to be entered onto the scoring device using the “Add Fill In” button. 

Details about our seasons and upcoming nominations can be found below:

  • Current Season: 2023 Spring season. 
  • Next season: 2023/24 Summer
    • Nominations open: Monday 11th December 2023
    • Nominations close: 9am Monday 15th January 2024 (unless capacity is reached before)
    • Season starts: Monday 22nd and Wednesday 24th of January 2024.

To register your interest in the WBA Senior Domestic Competition, please click here.